We all set off to take part in JettyDogs this weekend at All About Dogs in Brentwood.

It was a great weekend , but very very wet !!!

We entered both Molly & Kimi in JettyDogs which is a new dog competition coming over from America where its the dog that jumps the furthest from a Jetty (ramp) that is two feet above the water into a pool wins. Its surprising the number of dogs that don’t jump ! – only about 1 in 10 dogs actually got wet from what I witnessed however both Kimi & Molly both jumped and got very wet.

Kimi did VERY well and managed a jump of 10ft 5inches which got him into the grand final on Sunday where he finished a respectable 7th – out of over 130 dogs !

Here a couple of photos of kimi with all his rosettes and then some videos of the dogs doing there stuff !!


Mollys First Jump

Mollys Second Jump

Kimi’s First Jump

Kimi’s Second Jump

Kimi’s Third Jump

Kimi’s Fourth Jump

Kimi’s Jump In The Final