Proud of the dogs today at the first show since October.

Molly& Nella picked up a 3rd in Agility & 3rd in Jumping – needs a bit of weave practice after there 10 weeks off I think.

Maisy may have got faults, but her Agility round was lovely and only a weave entry prevented her from placing today on her first ever round. Got a lot of potential that little black spaniel !. Realised she needs a “timeout” between rounds as going straight from agility to jumping she was still too hyped !

Yoshi had an outing with Nella, did well bless him but still freaking out a bit at competitions – the queuing get to him.

Kimi had a good day to, did a stormer in G1-G7 pairs as was unlucky not to place due to his pairs partner being given a harsh refusal (I would have let him off!), in G3 jumping did a very rare pole knock but with a time that would have got him 2nd, in teams – well that went very wrong due to some bad handling from me. However in G3 Agility – his first ever G3 Agility – first! , and by over a second 🙂 🙂