So there was no update last week, that is because life and real work got in the way so I had to cancel my one day a week on writing the game but this week I am back …. sort of!

Instead of writing code this week I am taking all the 3d models I have for the scenery and generating them into 2d sprites for use in the game, this is quite a slow process and will probably take the entire day with no actual code being written – but that is what things are like in the Sausage factory sometimes – you spend hours,days or weeks doing stuff people take for granted – no one ever thinks… I wonder how long it to took to generate all the graphics and place them within the engine.

Anyway it is nearly lunch and I have done three trees and a bush, just four more trees and three rocks. If they got ok I might be able to plug them into the engine for a new video at the end of the day.
4pm – everything rendered, lets try to get something running !!!

Quick screenshot showing some scenery, looks alot better moving but not posting any more moving videos until I get alot more things in place.

Screenshot 2016-03-08 16.45.10