For the last few years I have been using a service called Parse for the backend for all my mobile apps.
Shortly after starting to use them they got bought by Facebook but we were assured this would mean more investment and more features as Facebook like it so much they are going to use it themselves.
Awesome !
Well the new amazing features never really turned up but it continued to exist and was reliable and I put more and more apps onto it, with more and more users storing data.
The best thing about all of this ? , the free tier was so freakin generous I am still yet to get a single bill – amazing!

Now lets fast forward to today.
In less than 4 months Parse is being shut down.


Now they have Open sourced everything, but now I am having to port my applications, all there data etc. so the open source version. So I have to find mongoDB host, cloud platform providers.
Sign billing agreements etc. etc. I think I am now in for a $30-$100 a month bill.

Now for everything I am doing that is not a bad bill … but it goes to show don’t rely on a third party service they will always disappear – so sorry Google and Firebase (Made by ex-Parse people!).
As amazing as it looks, I don’t want to be doing this again in a years time.