Kimi sadly passed at the young age of 10 on the 12th September 2015 after a very short but tragic fight with a heart infection.
We will always love him and never forget him. RIP Sweetpea

Kimi or Decoymans Peace River to use his full Kennel Club name is my second dog and is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever – or Toller for short. We got Kimi on June 3rd 2005. He was born on 10th April 2005. Click Here To View His Full Breed Line Details.

Below are a couple of photos of when we first picked him up at the breeders (Decoymans)

Kimi when we first got himAnother Photo Of Kimi When We First Got

Kimi is the only actual dog we planned for , however even he turned out to be a surprise !. I made a chance phone call to the breeder John Norris asking how the litters had gone and where we were on the waiting list and he said something along the lines of “ah – actually you could save me ringing around , I got a lovely little pup now who’s buyer has dropped out – are you interested?” , we said “Yes!” and just five weeks after getting Molly we had Kimi as well.

Kimi is a very handsome dog and is a total joy to own and live with. He is without doubt one of the kindest, most gentle and good natured dogs anyone could ever meet and I feel is a real credit to his breed. I like to think I have had some input into this , but both his parents are also very kind , loving soft natured dogs so I am sure breeding comes into it also. I’ve met a number of Kimi’s half brother’s & sister’s and they all seem to be equally as good natured. I would love one day to meet one of this litter mates.
He is also a very clever little boy and will learn new tricks and commands very quickly and without much effort – he loves to have his brain as well as his body exercised – we think that is why he loves Agility so much as it does both. He is a born retriever (gets it from his mum) and will fetch balls , frisbee’s etc. from land & water all day long and full of happyness.

His only bad points are that on the way to the park etc. he can get a little over excited and pull to much and he is totally food obsessed – however we use this weakness to our advantage when we want to train him.

Kimi has just recently (early part of 2007) been on a bit of a diet and has lost 2.5kg of weight and is looking fantastic , the best he ever looked and has just won “Most Handsome Dog” at the Toller Club Annual Funday.

He is getting quite famous with his JettyDog jumping as you will read on the front page and
has been featured in Dogs Today,The Mail On Sunday,Surrey Herald and the BBC News !!!
Here are some pictures of Kimi throughout the time we have had him – he like the other two appear regular on the front page of this site also !

Link To Lots Of Pictures Of Him On The UK Toller Club Website
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