Yoshi or Neilsharbour Gorsey Down to use his full Kennel Club name is
my third dog and once again is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever or
Toller for short. He was born on January 18th 2007.
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Here are a couple of pictures when we got him.


While he is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever but he is
known as a “Buff” Toller – so whilst being all Toller – he the
wrong colour. He was born silver , but colour has changed
whilst he has grown ,he is darkened up now but has fine
silver tips on the end of each hair!.
This means that his colour changes with the light so can
look quite different – but it is an amazing look and one I love.

Most people who meet him say his colour is amazing and prefer
it to that of a so called “Normal” Toller.

Still need to write more text about him here , but thought it
about time I put something about the little guy !

Below are some links to loads of pictures of him , I will add
some to this page when I get time.
Link To Lots Of Pictures Of Him On The UK Toller Club Website
Link To Lots Of Pictures On My Picasa Gallerys
Link To Lots Of Pictures On Nella’s Picasa Gallerys



(Updated : 27/08/07 – Finally done some with this page ,
still missing lots of text about Yoshi
and some pictures but it at least got moving).