Development blog – five – drawing stuff

So there was no update last week, that is because life and real work got in the way so I had to cancel my one day a week on writing the game but this week I am back …. sort of! Instead of writing code this week I am taking all the 3d models I […]

Development blog – four – fixes & scenery

So today has been a slow start. It is 10.51 and so far I have got no further than last week. After re-running my work last week the car was not looking correct, it was driving from the bum – it was all wrong. So I had to dig out my old licence for 3ds […]

Development blog – three– gfx

It’s time to finally pick a theme for the game, as mentioned in blog zero (Click here) I am pulling inspiration for a number of sources. Looking back through those games one keeps calling out to me – Lotus 2 on the Amiga. The long flowing tracks with checkpoints, racing to get to first place […]

Development blog – two – curves

It’s week two on my one day a week game creation. Last week (Click here) I started my work on my Pseudo 3d racing game engine. I managed at the end of it to get a smooth running straight road. This week I plan to first add curves (the hardest bit) and what else.. well […]

Development blog – One – Getting started

People often ask what is the hardest part of a new app or game. The idea? , the research? – no it’s starting with a blank project and getting typing, much like writing a book I guess. So linking back to my last post (Here) I have decided to do a pseudo 3d racing game. […]

All hail the return of the blog .. Episode Zero – Prologue

I have decided to get blogging again, I do post on facebook, twitter, instagram etc. but never feel in control of the content and can’t do things in detail. Next week I am starting on a new game. I write apps week in, week out to survive but I since programming on the Amiga back […]

N64 remakes

With Goldeneye about to come out as a full fledged remake of the N64 classic on the Nintendo Wii, and Perfect-Dark & Banjo-Kazooie already doing the rounds and being brilliant on the XBOX 360, it got me thinking what other classic N64 games that have yet to be updated that I would love to be […]

World Gone Crazy

The world has gone crazy, even the world of competitive eating has gone wild ! Arrest Of Former World Hotdog Champion At 2010 Event

iPhone 4.0 Phone Holding

I see we are being told how to hold a phone now by the all-mighty Apple : Read story here Next they will be telling us which end to talk into and the dangers of crossing the road.