I have decided to get blogging again, I do post on facebook, twitter, instagram etc. but never feel in control of the content and can’t do things in detail.
Next week I am starting on a new game.
I write apps week in, week out to survive but I since programming on the Amiga back in the 90’s I have always been a frustrated games programmer wanna be.
So i’ve decided to dedicate a day a week (Monday’s!) to writing a game just because I want to and to keep me sane.

So my first project is not a complex game, or probably not going to make much money – but it’s a game I have wanted to do since being a small boy.

I plan to do a pseudo-3d racing game.

I am going to start prototyping in : http://giderosmobile.com/
Only for the reason I know it well after doing projects in it now so it’s fast to develop in.
I have doubts if it’s best suited to this game with it’s retained rendering when I really want pure raster control but I plan to pre generate so much that it might be all good, but is perfect to get the game engine up and running in.

It’s basically going to be a cross of this :

and some graphical influences from :

and this :

With a hint of :

a pinch of :

with some inspiration from :

and try to pull some bits in from :