Molly (or Fenlander Magic Miss Molly if you are being posh) was my first dog. We got her on April 6th 2005 , five days after getting the keys to our first house. Here is a photo of her when we first got her home

Molly Puppy

Molly was a rescue puppy and came home in a terrible mess, fleas , covered in her own and litter mates poo & urine and stunk to high heaven. When we got her there was just her and her brother left. Luckily someone (as we heard the phone call) was on the way for her brother or we could have come home with two dogs that day !

Molly is from what we can tell a Working English Springer Spaniel. She is short,strong and full of energy – even more so she is full of love and kindness and likes nothing more than cuddles and curling up into a little ball and going to sleep. As we could never figure out the exact date she was born we decided that her birthday is Valentines day as it just somehow fits.

She really is a beautiful little dog who is a joy to own, she not without her moments though. She will sulk at a drop of a hat , you move the furniture or do some decorating and she might not be friends with you for a day or two. She is the “top dog” in our house also and can be a little madam if she doesn’t get her way and normally will make sure she gets her way.

The only bad point she got is sometimes she enters “Mollys World” – she is not the brightest bulb in the box and sometimes she enters her own little world where for all the shouting and calling her name in the world she doesn’t hear you. We are hoping another round of training that we are going to do with her soon will sort her out !

UPDATE : She is getting better , after a round of training she is definitely become alot more “switched on” when she on a walk , she is now becoming a crazy ball fetcher herself. Amazing what a good trainer can do.
Anyway here are some pictures of Molly throughout the time we have had her – she appears regular on the front page of this site also !

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