Well I’ve finished my job at ANT and was given a walm and fond farewell by everyone which was really nice. I start my new job at Skype on Monday, so onwards with a new chapter in mine and Nellas life.

B+E Driving Test

I finally passed my B+E Driving test yesterday I trained with Sasha , at Trailer and Car Training (Click For Link) who I can recommend as a very good instructor who showed me reversing a trailer/caravan is actually not very difficult if taught correctly and has re-introduced me to the concept of side mirrors. Got […]


… I like those guys

Vodafone Sure Signal

I have just bought and installed Vodafone Sure Signal (Click Here). Which is an interesting concept, basically Vodafone admit signal coverage is crap where you live and then charge you £50 for the priviledge of getting a fantastic 3G signal. That aside, it is a nice small box, simple to set-up and does give you full signal […]

Maisy Moo is a Medium

Maisy Moo got measured, and besides having cuddles with the measurer’s , turned out to be a medium – so no shock there then !!