The Big Smoke

Some pics from London, staying at the Hilton overlooking the Thames and had dinner at Canary Wharf travelling by water taxi.

Bill and Melinda Gates make $10bn vaccine pledge

Say what you want about Bill Gates and Microsoft products, but if all those untimely reboots have helped amass the fortune that lets him give $10bn to wipe out some of the world’s diseases , it all worth it. BBC News – Bill and Melinda Gates make $10bn vaccine pledge.

First show of the year

Proud of the dogs today at the first show since October. Molly& Nella picked up a 3rd in Agility & 3rd in Jumping – needs a bit of weave practice after there 10 weeks off I think. Maisy may have got faults, but her Agility round was lovely and only a weave entry prevented her […]

Google Street View to carry real-time ads

Surely this has to be one of the most ingenious patents of the last couple of years, identifying adverts in the everyday world and replacing them¬†digitally¬†when viewed by Google Street View. Google Street View to carry real-time ads – Telegraph Even funnier is the women posing of the streetview car to get on it, when […]

A Year In Ribbon

Just been sorting out Kimi’s rosettes from 2009, wow what a year ! From Agility and the one Dockdogs tournament we did he picked up an astonishing : 10 x 1st 3 x 2nd 2 x 3rd 4 x 4th 4 x 5th 3 x 6th 4 x 7th 4 x 8th 2 x 9th […]

Mclaren Technology Centre

Enjoying looking at the pics of MTC on FifthDriver’s Twitter feed : , doesn’t seem as long ago as it is that I was working there and I tend to forget what a lovely place it was to work compared to your normal company !

Lotus F1 !?!?!

Am I the only person offended that a Malyasian company are calling themselves “Lotus F1”

What Snow?

For weeks we have had snow here, the UK now gets it’s worse in years and we haven’t had a single flake.